Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Sunday underway....

Traded around and ended up with the morning watch. I'm hard-pressed to
remember the last underway day that I slept late.

Two of the folks in the division got pinned with their Aviation Warfare
Specialist pin today. I'm happy they got it. A few of the others are
waiting to board for their Surface Warfare Specialist, but that won't happen
until after the post-deployment stand-down. Looking forward to seeing them
get it.

Dad said that the girl got up this morning, had breakfast, and went back to
bed. She's been sleepy a lot, and had a bit of trouble on the first full
day underway before Mama discovered that the girl had kid's dramamine.
She's been all right since then, but a lot of things bore her. She's also
got a ton of homework to accomplish. Still, she likes being around the
other girls.

I get to see my FITREP (fitness report) today. Joy. At least it will be
over with. The rest of the day will be full of CPO transition stuff--we got
authorization to pin the new chiefs prior to pulling in rather than everyone
coming back to do it two days after. I'll be tired tomorrow, for certain.

Winding down here, and looking forward to getting home. Even if I do have
duty the day we arrive. Heck, I'm even looking forward to that. Get into
port, get everyone off of the ship, and get everything wrapped up here once
they're all gone.

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