Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

And again I ramble

~On work~

It is said that 80 percent of a supervisor's time is spent dealing with 20 percent of the personnel. Looks more like 90/10 this week.

Have learned that I am indeed no longer a screamer or a door slammer. I have my moments, but nothing like I used to be. Perhaps I am getting soft. Or perhaps I have just learned better ways of doing things. I strongly suspect, though, that I can be pushed into rage, and am positive that no one wants to push me that far.

~On reading~

Finished reading both books that speedyscribbler sent me. Trash Sex Magic had all three as promised in the title, and even though the end was predictible in some ways it was still pretty good.

I've read nearly all of the books I ordered from Barnes & Noble, too. I could read some of the naval history I brought, save that all of them were on the MCPON's (Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy) heritage reading list and thus have all been borrowed by the CPO selectees.

Currently reading Making Book by Teresa Nielsen Hayden. I always find her interesting, even when I don't agree--which is usually dealing with matters political. (And this post pauses for a diversion to Making Light.)

~On writing~

Been too busy to write more than a few replies to some fanfic with my friends. I did have some thoughts on how to improve the strange first-person, present-tense narrative I wrote in July, but sadly, it was just after midnight last night while I was showering for bed. I couldn't have focused enough to spell my own name right, much less construct a decent sentence. Maybe a quick bit tonight, but I'm still tired.

~On Iraq~

Read probably the best words that could possibly be written in regards to Cindy Sheehan. (Saw that link on Blackfive.) I can't imagine what I'd do in her place, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make the same choice.

I still feel strange when I read about folks who see no reason at all for involvement in Iraq. Maybe I feel differently because I remember what it was like to look through the smoky air in 1991, look up at the sun at noon, and then not see an afterimage when I looked away--and that from Bahrain, which is quite a ways south of Kuwait. Those of you who live in San Diego might have experienced the same during the Cedar fire.

Ten years later, I found myself much closer to Iraq than Bahrain. One of our duties in 2002 was to search the ships inbound to and outbound from Iraq for sanctions violations. You'd be hard-pressed to find a small-ship sailor with more than a couple of years in who hasn't spent time up there, since we were doing it since 1991.

Truth is, we've been pouring lots of money into containing Iraq for a long time. From 1991 until 2001, there were almost always two carrier battle groups on station, with reliefs arriving before a carrier could leave. That cost a butt-ton of money. It would have been cheaper to lift the sanctions and buy the damned oil than to go to war.

Maybe I feel differently because I remember the news broadcasts about the missiles that were in violation of the sanctions--the ones that had more range than allowed for self-defense. The missiles that were discovered after Iraq swore up and down that they were in compliance.

Maybe I feel differently because I talk with people who were there on the ground in Iraq. And because I do read some of the milblogs, and can't imagine that so many people are deluded or brainwashed or whatever because they think they are doing the right thing.

I guess it's easy for me to say such things, here safe on my big floating grey thing, kicked back in the air conditioning and surfing the internet for news while I drink a cold coca-cola and watch CNN or sports on the tv via satellite. But I guess I'm just as entitled to my opinion as those who say it's all a waste and a quagmire from the comfort of their own home.

~On sharp pretty things~

ladystained had a link to some truly gorgeous knives. Oh, wow! I want! But will never have!

~On being healthy again~

Mostly. The cough has mostly restricted itself to right after I get up, and the voice is back from wherever it went. No more sudden sweating, no more coughing all night. Finally!

And that's about it for now. Lots more to say, really, but not enough time.

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