Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Easy day

Except that I ended up tagged with something else to do--I expect it was
meant to be punishment for having differing ideas but it isn't, really.

But no worries. The whole episode is probably having quite a different
outcome than intended.

Hard to believe that we're about a month and a half out from homeport. Time
has flown as it crept by. I'm looking forward to having Dad and the girl
onboard for the Tiger Cruise ... which reminds me. Must do some planning
stuff tonight for that.

Last night one of my buddies told me that the crud is still lingering in my
system because I'm not getting enough sleep. No shit. But with my watch in
the evening, I get what I get, which is 6 hours when the coughing and sinus
drainage and sudafed-jitters comply. Someone else mentioned the same damned
thing this morning. But I'm not going to whine my way out of standing
watch, not when I spent all of the Talisman Saber and CARAT exercises off
the watchbill and the other three guys were on for eight hours at a shot.
(Of course, that also meant that the other Chief in the division had to
sleep during the day and thus some extra division stuff fell to me.)

Nope. No whining here. Suck it up and deal. It's only one freaking watch a

Today was actually a light day, as the title suggests, because all of the
CSTT stuff was done last night. Except for a couple of details that
intruded today, but that's no big problem.

Time to listen to some good music and read more Scardown before it's
time to go on watch again.

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