Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Rambling onward

On sleep....

Okay. So it was Sunday. So I slept in until 0900 after hitting the rack at
midnight. It wasn't solid sleep between 0400 and 0900, anyway.

During watch tonight, I could tell that I needed some sudafed, so I had

And it left me wired up. Thus, I sit here at 0145, wishing I was in my rack
but not sleepy at all. With another on-the-go workday tomorrow that will
end at the usual hour of midnight.


On weight....

On the happy note, weighed 168 right before I hopped into the shower. The
excess is dropping slowly.

On writing....

I could write, but I fear that I'd get so into writing that I'd forget I was
supposed to be sleeping. And I must function tomorrow. More things to do.
Preservation and paint work to get the division started on, a big pile of
filing threatening to overwhelm my inbox, more training team stuff, and
other admin crap that doesn't mesh well with a tired Dawn.

See? I ramble when I'm tired.

I peeked again at the bit I wrote earlier in the week. I still like it, but
didn't really have time to work with it earlier today. Maybe later in the
week--except that I expect to be really busy by week's end. Still, it feels
very good to get words out again. Felt great to write a bit for the
fanfiction, too, although it seems that I only want to write about my moody
characters. Of course, I think they're the most interesting of the lot.
'Good' is boring.

On being underway....

Tired as I am, I'm happier than I've been in a while. Damn. This does not
bode well for after-Navy life. Where will I find a job like this? Where
each day, boring or not, routine or chaotic, has elements that snap so
tightly into something larger? (That, by the way, is what I hated about the
last year on shore duty. Weeks of meaningless crap with an occasional week
of Doing Something Useful to keep me from totally going insane.)

Trivia: SEA DUTY TIME 06/11/26 as of July 31. That's six years, eleven
months, and twenty-six days assigned aboard ship. Some of the
pre-commissioning time doesn't matter, of course, because it was coded as
shore. That means that about 38% of my career has been spent on ships. Not
bad, considering that when I joined up, shipboard duty for women consisted
of tenders and other auxiliary ships. And that it took months to get orders
to my second ship. And if one considers that more than half of those years
happened after the ten-year mark.

But the neat thing? Next month my career sea pay goes up by $25. :o)

Maybe I can sleep now?

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