June 13th, 2011


Today may be a pajama day

I have a favorite pair of black pajamas that are nearly worn out. They're not special--they're just a soft black knit fabric with lettuce-edged hems and nice full legs on the bottoms. But they are probably the most comfortable jammies I've had since I wore the footed ones with Pooh bear on them. I have a red set with long sleeves, but the fabric is different enough that it clings more. They were so comfortable that I even wore the top under a sweatshirt to class last winter.

One does not need cling when one has surpassed the ideal Rubenesque figure.

The problem is that my black jammies are simply worn out. They have holes that grow with each wash. And I got them on Amazon on clearance, so finding more was going to be impossible. Then I browsed the racks at Target while waiting for my girl to finish trying some things on, and guess what?

I found more. They have a different neckline, and regular hems, but the fabric! It is just right. And they had a size that looked to be right. The sky-blue top and bottom I put in the cart were on clearance, but there's a whole rack with more colors, so I figured if they fit, I'd get more in colors I like better. Like green.

Oh, they fit! They are soft, and drapey at the leg. I have so much affection for my new jammies that I don't really care if they are blue. I might just wear them all day.

Unless I decide to go buy more this afternoon.