June 6th, 2011


Poverty - a thought

When I read about people who want to eradicate poverty, particularly in affluent western countries, and then they refer to the numbers of people living below the poverty line, I have to wonder if they really understand how the poverty line is drawn. A "war on poverty" is like a football game where the goal line keeps getting moved. One can never win, but one can sure make a career of it.

This does not, by the way, mean that I am unsympathetic to people who cannot feed their families. I am simply averse to stupid meaningless slogans.

More gardening

Sprouts! We have sprouts in the lettuce, nasturtium, and tarragon pots!

On the downside, we also have some sort of inchworm trying to eat the peppers.

(no subject)

So this place I submitted to has an online submission manager. It's kind of neat, in that I can obsessively check it daily even though I know it hasn't been long enough. Except that it always reminds me of the date of submission, so I can say, "What? It hasn't even been two weeks yet?" and think how silly it is that I'm even looking yet.