June 1st, 2011



We have nearly finished with our container gardening, although we do have two BIG containers left empty and one large pot with nothing designated for it yet.

Sadly, my favorite blue pot cracked--I think it took a rock from the lawnmower.

We have three tomato plants, three pepper plants, and three thyme plants, all different varieties. We've planted two of the deep red geraniums (in blue pots!), a common ornamental salvia (no, not the drug kind!), three strawberry plants in a long box, and a little wild bergamot. We also have seeded a long box with lettuces, a square planter with nasturtiums, and a round pot with tarragon. We shall see what thrives. The daughter planted two spearmint plants into a teacup-shaped pot, and it's cute!

I also tucked marigolds into the same containers with the tomatoes to try to avoid bugs. I might put more straight into the ground around them, or maybe some colorful little 6" pots.