April 27th, 2009


Funny bits

When the girl went on a class field trip down near Mount Fuji on Friday, she had to go down a zip line. So she paid the kid in line behind her 500 yen to sing the Indiana Jones theme while she did.

Friday at work, someone pointed out an alarm on an alarm panel, and hilarity did ensue. The intrusion alarm was for the Sonar Analysis space, but of course there's not much room on the alarm so it said "Sonar Anal Entry". I imagine that would indeed be alarming.

I am puzzled that someone who watched and enjoyed Monty Python's Life of Brian can find the title Holy Trinity offensive for the Holy Grail/Life of Brian/Meaning of Life set. I'd have thought them lost surely by Always look on the bright side of life....

Also at work - down in the Mess, where I eat and hide from take a break from the rest of the ship, there are four loaves of fake bread that used to decorate the top of the salad bar. They've been stacked on a table near the door, and have been getting moved around into different configurations. The funny part? They're two round loaves, a long french-style loaf, and a braided ring. Not laughing? Your mind isn't far enough into the gutter.