August 24th, 2008


Underway again....

Finally! Away from the pier and underway doing what we are supposed to
be doing. As I type, the morning sunlight peeks in and out through the
clouds and falls across my desk. We've cleaned out years of crap from
the drawers and shuffled who sits where, so now I have the desk by the
windows. It's pretty neat, although I don't get a lot of time in the
office lately. Sitting right by the door was a problem when I have
someone up here helping them with their maintenance documentation,
because having them pull up a chair effectively blocked the door.

I have Zombie Demon Duck, Haggit the See-No-Evil Monkey, a bobble-headed
McDonald's Stitch, and a purloined pirate demon duck lined up under the
monitor. Over the last few days, I keep coming into the office and
finding them in compromising positions. I am sure it is all Stitch's
fault. I never trusted that grin.