May 26th, 2008


Heya everyone.

Well, if anyone saw the little news article on the fire onboard, I'm
fine. Was quite far away from the fire, actually.

Valparaiso, Chile was definitely interesting. The different styles of
building from all of the folks who settled in the port made for some
interesting contrasts. I also saw several buildings that were shelled
out, presumably for reconstruction. What really caught my attention,
though, was the sheer quantity of graffiti everywhere. I only got out
for one day because the last day I would have had liberty the seas were
too heavy to run the liberty boats.

Transiting through the Straits of Magellan---BRRR! I can't imagine
trying to do it any later in the year. Of course, I didn't take
pictures when it was sunny. No, I had to wait, and when I finally did
it was cloudy and raining.

By the way, the office has windows that look out onto the flight deck.
How lucky we are! Watching the jets launch off the cats is something.
Watching them land even more so. Once when my techs had to check out
something, they said, "We know it's the aircraft and not our gear! Why
do we have to check our gear?" I told them that Navy pilots have to
have perfect confidence that everything on their aircraft works 100% all
the time, or they'd never let us throw them off the bow of a moving

Later, folks.