December 11th, 2006


Still alive, still on the ship.

Okay, so it's been a while since I posted.

Since Singapore, we did exercises with the Indian Navy and made a port
visit to Mumbai - formerly known as Bombay. I'm not at all sure that it
was worth the month-plus of malaria pills. I'm being a bit unfair,
though. I can't eat curry, so of course I wasn't able to be as
adventurous as I was in Singapore. The best thing? The
brightly-colored clothing on the women. One lady stands out in my
memory-she was wearing pink, and her beautiful scarf fluttered in the
breeze behind her, like the tail on a kite.

All of the kids begging, though, was no fun at all. They tug on your
clothes, and make motions towards their mouths. Sometimes, a girl or
woman will carry a baby, and try to convince you to buy formula for the
baby at a nearby store. Later, we were told, they sell it back to the
store for a cut of the money.

We dropped off the Marines and then made a short stop in Bahrain. It's
continuing to grow beyond the dusty little place it was when I first saw
it in 1991. I prefer the older CPO club, though.

Then we were underway for Thanksgiving. Either before or after, can't
remember which, we were visited by the Secretary of the Navy. Before, I
think. I slept through most of Thanksgiving Day.

Now we're doing what we do, and fortunately the days are very boring.

Anyhow, I seem to have accidentally volunteered to assist with the Tiger
Cruise again. It'll be in March. Speedyscribbler, shall I put your
name down just in case?

Later, folks.