September 30th, 2006


Elbows, beads, work, and reading.

I have, at some point in recent time, whacked my elbow against something
hard enough to make it become inflamed. Ick! Actually, I think I
whacked it repeatedly over a couple of weeks, and it finally had enough.
I do remember cracking it against a scuttle back on the 16th, but that's
too far in the past to have caused it to swell up now without some
additional trauma. Fortunately, the motrin seems to be making it better.
Too bad that the motrin comes in huge horse pills.

Yesterday evening I made myself a necklace that just suits me perfectly.
I had ordered a variety of stones from Fire Mountain, and really liked a
strand of ching
hai 'jade'
(These are a little bigger than the tubes I have). I put
two little copper heishe beads between each tube and finished with a
pewter clasp with a copper finish. The mottled green and white beads
and the copper are perfect together. I shall definitely be wearing it.
On the other hand, the large
sodalite heishe
are giving me trouble. They want to be straight and
not curve. Must find right spacer to make the strand curve smoothly.

I have a new duty (because I don't have nearly enough to keep me busy,
right?) that I'm actually pretty excited about. I've taken over the
sponsorship program. When people get orders to the ship, they get
assigned a sponsor who is supposed to help them with getting settled and
getting around the ship. It's really important-if we don't get them
started out right, they might have problems for the rest of their time
onboard. We've got a great administrative program called
'Relational-Admin" that has tools for tracking. I'm hoping to get
everyone onboard with using it. The next step after is to get a
training program going for sponsors, so that they can help their folks
even more.

I've hit the gym four times since we left Hawaii, but then I had a
string of late watches that pretty much kicked my butt. And the elbow
problems, of course. I've been eating a little better, though, so that
should also help. Will weigh self tomorrow.

Last but not least-finished Elizabeth Bear's Blood and Iron. I
liked this one even better than the Casey set. How do I say anything
without sounding like a babbling idiot? I love her style of writing, I
love the way she uses POV, and I love the way she puts a plot together.
Must preorder the next one.