September 26th, 2006



Had Shore Patrol out in Waikiki. Pretty interesting! I was dreading
walking around for hours, but officers and chiefs have the option of
riding around with HPD, so I did. Met two very nice Honolulu police
officers. Didn't really end up with sailor problems much, but saw a few
traffic stops, a pursuit of a suspect on foot (Eee! Just like on TV!
And she caught him, too!), a domestic disturbance, a
robbery-that-wasn't, and a Marine about to be cited for public
urination. Got that guy into our SP van before he got cited. Silly
Marine. Two other guys got beat by bouncers at a couple of clubs, but
other folks took care of that. Thankfully, none of my guys had

Did some nice shopping, and picked up a few things I needed as well as a
few things I wanted. Got the last copy of Bear's Blood and Iron
at the Borders at PearlRidge Mall. I've been meaning to get it all
along, and really wanted it now that I heard her read from the sequel at
WorldCon. The mail brought me a few more books I ordered from the
heritage and professional reading lists, as well as an order from Fire
Mountain. Yay! Pretty beads!

No pictures, because I left the stupid camera in my locker. Alas. But
probably a good thing on the day I went to the bar with the rest of the

Things we do

One of our
conducting signal ops on the Signal Bridge during a
Sea & Anchor Detail.

. Now, this is v. cool. A few months ago, I went down to
Well Deck Control to watch LCAC ops from inside. Very, very cool. They
come in, make a lot of noise, and then settle down when they come
off-cushion in the well. One young member of the deck force is out on
the walkway surrounding the well deck giving signals to the LCAC. The
well deck itself is lined with wood to protect the hulls. When they
leave, the exhaust turns inward and they kick up such a huge cloud that
you can't see them any more!