September 10th, 2006


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We pinned the selectees early--so we've 13 new Chiefs in the Mess. And yes, there's a reason we pinned early. Thursday night was loads of fun--particularly while I still had the duty section. I'm looking forward to the other guys coming back off of leave so that I can not be Section Leader any more. What is the Section Leader, you ask? The Section Leader is the one responsible for all of the watches being set, the watchbill itself, ensuring cleanliness on the pier and the ship, making sure standards are upheld (hence, I relieved two watchstanders that showed up for being completely unsat in their appearance), training the section, and basically anything else to keep the ship safe and purring along on the daily routine. Technically, there's a Command Duty Officer who is responsible for the ship, but hey, that's an officer. Got to have a Chief to keep things straight. ;o)

By the way, the welldeck on an LHD is huge. One can do quite a bit down there.

So basically, I was up all night with the transition festivities, and then came home and crashed on Friday.

We did manage to get two new shelves up in the girl's room. She needed a little more space to make up for some that she lost when we turned part of her shelves into a desk. Now her Avatar figures have a prime spot.

Also finished entering the books in the house into LibraryThing. (Except for the ones headed to storage.) 2865 for now.