September 4th, 2006

Slytherin stone

The $60 Day

On the way home from the ship this morning, I decided to make a quick stop at a thrift store just to see if they had anything good.

Yay! The lady was restocking the shelf as I browsed. And everything was 20% off! So I bought $15 worth of books and came on home. One of the purchases was a nice Agatha Christie, and I had seriously considered buying the rest of them.

So I went back this afternoon. And spent $40 more. Aieee! And stopped at another thrift store on the way home from there, and bought more books--$4, as these were 50% off!

I spent about $60 today on used books at thrift stores. Here is what $60 worth of books looks like:

Squee! That's 47 books, by the way.