August 27th, 2006


More Squee!

Boy howdy, it was hard to keep from going "SQUEE!" every time I turned a corner. Such a fangirl.

But ... Squee!

I caught one of the first panels in the morning today (10 am) on 'Might makes Right', dealing with war and space and such. John Scalzi literally floated into the room wearing the Campbell crown, and it was a great panel for the most part. Joe Haldeman and Steven Lopata were also great to listen to. J. G. Hertzler was a prick. (He's some actor that I had to look up on IMDB just now.)

From there, a quick whirlwind through the Dealer's room, where I bought some really neat cat prints that the girl had her eye on yesterday. Then off for the charity book auction, where I didn't win anything, and rush back to the Dealer room to pick up three hardcover Bujolds at the NESFA table. Er ... somewhere in there was a run to the ATM back in the Mariott. I made it upstairs just as 'Building Magical Systems' started, which set me thinking on a couple of things on that novel I set aside some time ago. I can't remember who all was on the panel except for Kevin Andrew Murphy, as that was the second of three panels of his that I attended. Quite amusing, he is. And certain that he knows it, I suspect. ;o)

One more trip through the Dealer room, alas to look at things I couldn't afford, and then upstairs to pick up the girl for the "World's Most Useless Superpower" panel while the hubby went to schmooze at the Baen what's-coming event. Now, this superpower panel was probably one of the most amusing ones I went to the whole two days. Yay! And the girl once again offered up her own opinion. I was so proud of her. Yay!

By the time these panels were over, we'd managed to figure out that the girl had probably left her watch in the room, and the Mariott folks were quite nice about going to look for it and bringing it back to us. Nice folks. Might stay there sometime when we do Disneyland again.

The shirt the girl had really wanted to wear to the Con arrived today. Ah, well. She'll have such fun wearing it everywhere else.


Conflict resolved

And one more happy thing....

The grades came back for that Conflict Resolution class that I so unwisely signed up for back in the spring.

Fortunately I passed. With an A, even though I admitted that I didn't keep a journal as instructed. ;o) This time, though, I didn't sign up for any of the Distance Learning. I've a few other things I'd like to concentrate on in my tremendous (ha!) amount of free time, starting with my Aviation Warfare Specialist qualification. I can't let my guys (and one girl) beat me to the qual, now, can I???