August 25th, 2006


So we finally made it to Anaheim....

But the only thing we really got here in time for was to check in and pick up the badges. Traffic was horrid getting north out of San Diego County, and didn't really ease up until we hit the CDZ (Crazy Driving Zone) at Camp Pendleton. From there on, traffic clipped right along until we got to Irvine, at which time everything slowed to a creeping crawl again. We left at 1600 and finally got checked in at 1930. Eeek!

So we ended up getting a pizza at the Pizza Hut downstairs and eating it in the room while we watched Armageddon. The girl hadn't seen it yet.

Boring us, eh? Come to Worldcon and watch movies in the room. But then again, most of what was going on after we finished eating probably isn't suitable for the girl.

Tomorrow's another day.