April 7th, 2006


(no subject)

Whee! I'm on leave now! Actually, been on leave since Wednesday morning, and not done much of anything. Must start cleaning ... soon. Had a mid-morning nap in which I dreamed I went to work. Boy did that suck.

And when I am done with leave, I'm off to Norfolk for almost a month to go to a school that I've been wanting for years. Yay school! Yay away-from-ship time! Boo leave the family!

The Internet is such a great tool Yeah, I know, big surprise. But it's great to be able to look at weather radar over my folks' house and not worry. Or know when to worry....

In August, we'll be going to Worldcon. Never been to one before. We did decide that we'd rather get a hotel room instead of driving up every day. If the girl gets bored, there's always Disneyland.

And my internet connection keeps dropping in and out. Not sure why. Boo! Hiss!