February 26th, 2006


Sunday Morning

Taxes, taxes, taxes all done. Got smart this year and used Turbo-Tax to do the stupid California return. Stupid community-property state. As usual, the Navy was almost spot-on with my Indiana return. They've had my withholding within $20 of the tax amount for longer than I can remember, and never have I had to write out a check. One year, I think it was less than a dollar.

Had a great couple of weeks for getting things done in the division. Almost feel like I've just got there again. I had time to chase down schools for my sailors and to take care of some other things that needed doing. Next week I'll have to split my attention again and look ahead to the Final Evaluation Problem coming up, where we basically do something similar to the training we did back in January.

Had duty yesterday, and caught the sun coming up over the mountains. Spectacular. And then I turned and walked forward on the flight deck, and out on the other side of the Strand was a cruise ship on its way in. It looked like something from fairyland, like something made of pink cloud and golden light. Downtown was as beautiful as ever, with the sunlight dressing two buildings in gorgeous yellow flame. Pink and golden.

My morning was happy until I found the bag of trash some idiot had stashed on the catwalk instead of taking it out to the dumpster. We never had that crap on a small ship. Fortunately, a few minutes' examination determined what division was responsible, and the bag was taken care of.