November 19th, 2005


Long time no blog....

Still quite busy at work. One of my guys is the department's sailor of the year nominee, so that package has to be finished. Then there's the drill we're running next week that has to be ready for signature on Monday morning, and all of the other day-to-day stuff. Not to mention the drill packages that we'll get back from the training folks at the place where I used to work. Once I get the materials in hand, I'll have to turn my section around really fast so that we can build off of the combat systems stuff. And most of that probably makes no sense to anyone. ;o)

We did the physical readiness testing last week, and I passed both it and the weight measurements the week before. Yay! Good for another six months, although my body is telling me that it would prefer to do push-ups and situps a bit more often.

We have tix to see the new Harry Potter tomorrow morning. The girl is excited.

Still hot here as the Santa Ana conditions keep going.

And finally got the tickets home over New Year's. Yay!