August 12th, 2005


Working Post

Did my CPO Indoc lessons today. Couldn't speak clearly by the time I was
done, because my voice just fled. Good thing the lesson wasn't longer.
Stopped by to speak with a fellow Chief about something we were working on,
and ended up getting laughed at by one of his First Class POs. (One paygrade
lower than mine.) "My voice might be shot," I squeeked, "but my foot workes
just fine!"

Of course, teaching two lessons ate most of the day. The rest was eaten by
personnel issues which seem to mostly be resolved now, thank goodness.

Sorted out all of my NECs (NECs are classification codes that say a certain
technician is qualified to fix a particular piece of equipment) yesterday
and tried to figure out how to get all of them filled without having to send
folks to school in other parts of the country. Made my recommendations and
requests, so we'll see if I get what I need.

Almost caught up on everything again. That means there's a work-o-lanche
coming from some unexpected quarter, right?