August 1st, 2005



The uniform pants the hubby sent out were in two sizes ... two pair in the
size that was snug when I left, prompting the larger pairs I bought and
deployed with. The other two pair were one size smaller than that.

Guess which ones fit? Yep, the pair TWO SIZES smaller than the ones I
deployed with. Too bad one pair now has grease stains from the chocolate
bar packed in the bag with them. :o(

So I went up to the exchange yesterday and got my hair cut, then went
shopping for jeans and shorts. See, before I left, my jeans were too tight
to be comfortable, and I bought new ones. In size 18, because 16s were too

Yesterday I bought jeans and shorts in size 14.

Yes, 14.


I haven't worn 14s since ... 2000? 2001-ish? Hooray!