July 20th, 2005


Twenty Minutes of Insanity, or Reasons Not to Be a Warrant Offic er.

That's how long I flirted with the idea of putting in a package for Chief
Warrant Officer. (A Chief Warrant Officer is an officer who works in her
specialty area, in my case electronics.)

Fortunately, I came to my senses. The only reason to apply for the program
basically comes down to Because I can.

Reasons why not:

1. I like being a Chief.
2. I hate the idea of standing Bridge watches such as Conning Officer.
Really. It freaks me out.
3. I'd have to do all of the crap that I leave to the Division Officer
because it's his job.
4. I'd have to put up with the Wardroom. And go on liberty with officers.
5. They'd probably ask me to stop swearing. No, they would ask me to
stop swearing.
6. The CPO Mess is full of adults, even if some of them are
rough-around-the-edges adults. The Wardroom is full of college kids barely
out of party mode.
7. I'd keep trying to do the Chief's job until she had to put me in my
8. I'd have to go down the passageway to use the head or shower, instead of
using the one in my berthing. Sure, I'd only have a roommate or two, but I
kinda like trotting back to my bunk clad only in a towel.
9. The officer detailers aren't as flexible as the Chief detailers.
10. Because of #10, I'd probably have to go to Japan.
11. I'd forever be junior to some wet-behind-the-ears Ensign. (Of course I
am now, but I don't have to bunk with one or eat dinner with one.)
12. I like being a Chief. And yes, I said that already, but it's the
real reason why not. Everything else is just support data.


My LJ is done in bright shades of orange and red and yellow. Happy,
cheerful colors. One might assume that these are my facorite colors, and
one would be incorrect. They just seemed to match 'alphasunrise.'
Variations on a theme.

I love deep blues and greens. The green of rolling hills covered in oaks
and sugar maples in the hot summer--so green that they hurt the eyes. The
deep, powerful blue of the ocean far from shore. Strong colors. I could get
lost in both of them.