July 16th, 2005


Saturday morning post....

It rained last night. "Toad-strangling rain," as we called it at home.
Shore Patrol was very quiet where I was posted, except for the liberty buses
that weren't quite running on schedule. That mostly got sorted out, and we
came back on the last bus with the last of the liberty party.

That's when it started raining again. We got off the bus, and the rain was
much cooler than the air. We filed in through the security, and then walked
down to the pier to check in with the Beach Guard (a group of officers who
don't stand duty, but are effectively on duty every night to coordinate
shore patrol and interface with the local police and various agents) to see
if we were needed elsewhere. For some reason, my eyes stung until I was
half-way to the pier. Thank goodness my shirt was yellow instead of white.
It was close to being indecent as it was. Fortunately, we got sent back up
to the ship, as there was plenty of shore patrol to round up the
beer-on-the-pier folks when liberty expired.

When I got back onboard, I must have looked like a half-drowned kitten.
Rather felt like one, too, because the tylenol had long worn off and my
throat hurt. My ears, too, every time I swallowed, which is rather normal
for me when my tonsils swell. The sudden cold air when I got out of the
hangar bay made my ears hurt worse. I stripped in the head (bathroom) and
climbed right into a hot shower. Felt much better. Felt even better after
taking more pharmaceuticals and crawling into my rack (bunk). Feel better
this morning, too. Really.

My shoes are still drying this morning. The clothes would be, too, except
that I ran them through the wash. Doesn't really matter. Not going
anywhere today. Or the next few days, either. Might grab some food from
the facilities on the pier, but that's about it. Time to catch up on some
training team stuff, and to finish that strange story from the other night.