July 15th, 2005


Did I mention?

On that lovely beach, I brought a sunburn back to the ship as a temporary
souvenir. Now my forehead is peeling. And my shoulders. But it was all
worth it. Every last bit.

Singapore pictures

At last! I nearly forgot!

First pic is Orchard Street in Singapore. I like the trees.

Second pic is on Sentosa Island, a resort/recreation area, looking up into a
rain tree.

Third and fourth pic are also on Sentosa, and are at the butterfly park.
Collapse )


As in, I was. Last night. About 1100 words. Strange words, but words
nonetheless. First person narrative present tense, even. Very unusual for
me--but maybe not. That bit describing my day at the beach came out in
second person, so.... ::shrugs::

Got too late near the ending and I had to go to bed, but maybe tonight, when
I come back from Shore Patrol, I'll be able to wrap it up.

Speaking of Shore Patrol ... it's nearly time to go.