July 14th, 2005


People tags

I've been peeking at the message board on the hometown newspaper. One thing
I've noticed lately is that a few folks have been tossing around labels as
freely as if they were ... well, free. Label the person, tag 'em, and shove
them in the marked box.

Liberal. Neo-con. Left. Far Left.

As if that defined a person's entire point of view. Heck, even a group's
entire point of view.

Label business as greedy or socially irresponsible. Tag the American public
as brainwashed, or pampered. Tag folks on welfare or unemployed as lazy and
be done.

Maybe the whole think irks me because I hate being put into one of
those boxes because of a single belief or set of beliefs. Everywhere I've
been, everything I've done, and everything I've learned--all bound together
like a patchwork quilt. I have worn spots where the fabric of belief has
frayed, and other places covered in bright replacement cloth of new ideas.
Favorite sections of pretty patterns, and not-so-favorite spots of ugliness.
Here there's a bit of different-colored thread holding things together,
there a segment of the original binding still holding strong. Silk and
chintz, polyester and lace, denim and suede--it's all here. Everything that
is me.

And just like an old quilt that's been used and washed and folded and tossed
around--I don't fit neatly in a box any longer, either.

I think I'm grown up now.