May 19th, 2005


Drink blogging

One of the neatest things in Japan is the hot/cold vending machines. And
darn, but I ought to have taken a picture.

Each machine has rows showing the coffee or tea or other beverage, with
buttons below stating the price. Red buttons give you hot beverages, while
blue buttons give you cold beverages. Most of the ones on base in Sasebo
cost 120 yen, which is about a buck twenty right now.

The little coffees in cans are like the starbucks stuff you can buy in
bottles--or in little cans like the espresso shots. Gooood stuff, this. I
only got a couple of cans of a cafe au lait and a couple of Ko Cha Ka Den,
which is tea with milk. Mmmm good. All packaged by teh Coca-Cola Company,
if you believe it. Wish they sold it in the states.