March 30th, 2005



The cats are practicing their staring. They sit in the back yard and stare inside the door, with the sorts of expressions one sees on blank-faced humans in horror B movies. Their little heads swivel to let their glowing eyes follow my movement inside the house.

One would think that they were trapped out there, except that the sliding glass door is open.

I think perhaps Samantha is annoyed that I rearranged her yard again. I put a low storage bench in front of the non-moving section of the sliding door. The bench has a green cushion that I suspect will be covered in cat hair if tomorrow is sunny. Bud has already tried it out.

No new plantings today. Hubby dragged in the barrel that I bought yesterday, and got rid of the boards that used to bound our planting bed. This year, everything is going into containers.

I think Tree-Bob the Ficus will move over to provide a scanty suggestion of shade on the bench, and the little banana tree will take TB's place by the AC unit.

One of the nasturtiums is blooming, a bright red flower. I told the girl, and said she'd seen it. "Going to eat it?" I asked. "Maybe," she said, grinning. ;o) We get pretty flowers, and here we are talking about eating them.

I go upstairs to close windows, and take a moment to look into our still-messy yard.

Samantha stares up at me.