March 14th, 2005


Some old email

Found some old emails that I saved from my last deployment on Decatur. Most of them originally went to aviatrix18. I'd forgotten how entertaining deployments could be. Sharing now. See what I have to look forward to? These, by the way, were from the tail-end of the deployment, after we'd left the gulf and the waters off Pakistan behind us. The first one might be from Bahrain, but after that it's Phuket and then Dili. The only thing I edited was my daughter's name and aviatrix18's.

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Still off today and tomorrow. :o)

Cut the grass in the back yard today with our weed-whacker, and it smells lovely. There's still a big bare patch where hubby fried the grass along with the holiday fowl, but the rest is coming in nicely. If the family remembers to water it, then the yard will look pretty nice this summer.

Updating the laptop right now. With all of the rain, the phone line has been for shit, with lots of static. The line finally cleared up and I can at last get a connection. Thank goodness for cable modems--and yeah, if I was any sort of tech I'd have got the laptop working on the cable modem already.

Got a sewing machine that works now, and we almost broke it again this morning with hubby's karate dobok (or however the hell you spell it). I let him feel how hard it was to get the needle through the patch and heavy canvas, and convinced him that it would be cheaper in the long run to have it done. I still suspect that he broke the other trying to hem heavy canvas pants.

WalMart has some great long planters, deep enough for most of what we wanted to grow this summer. Going to get a few, I think, and plant some nubby carrots and some other nice veggies. Peppers and tomatoes, too. Too bad I won't be home to eat most of it, but some will still be around when I come back. If they remember to water everything.

Need to go chat with the senior chief I worked for last month. Need advice on how things work when two chiefs are in the same division. Never done that before.

Realized that I have to order a second copy of the new Harry Potter book, and have it sent to the ship. While I'm at it, I shall pre-order several upcoming releases. :o) I should look at movies, too.

Mmm. The breeze blowing in from the back smells so green.

Oh, and I am thinking about turning Bud's drinking-from-toilet picture into a user icon. For days when everything has just gone to shit.

The Evening Saga

The downstairs toilet objected to something tonight.

Fortunately, 20 pounds of wheat-based clumping kitty litter soaked up all of the ick. Bleach fixed the rest.

Needless to say, a good time was had by none, save the girlchild, who was upstairs happily playing gamecube because no one told her when bedtime rolled around.

I wonder if it was cat hair?


Dear Office Depot:

Your HP refill cartridges are crap. The new Harry Potter book cover is green, not blue. Shove your cartridges up yours.


Dear news people:

If that deputy in Georgia had been a small man with similar training, you wouldn't be talking about whether short men should be police officers, so piss off. The procedures sucked, and there should have been more than one deputy.


Dear San Diego City Council Members:

You're asshats if you voted to destroy the memorial on Mt. Soledad. Resign. For once, Murphy is right. But the fiscal fiasco is crap, which is what makes the rest of you asshats. Resign.


This mood brought to you by overflowing crap. That is all.