March 10th, 2005



Settling in well. But tired. Got home last night at 1230am, and was up again at 0430 to head back to the ship. Late, late sea and anchor detail* last night as we wrapped up some of the underway demonstrations. Slept aboard the night before, too, because we had some issues [which I will not go into] and thus my division was still scrambling to get our gear online [NOT my guys' fault...not anyone's fault really.] in preparation for an early underway time.

I did get my locker on Tuesday morning, though, so I had a place to stash my stuff. I shortly realized that I had forgotten to pack my shower shoes [Flip-flops]. Why shower shoes? Because, quite frankly, the deck [floor] in berthing areas gets funky. And it's courtesy. What if it's your feet that are funky? So we wear flip-flops into the shower, and pretty much any time in berthing when we aren't wearing shoes. Except in the rack, of course. In larger berthings, shower shoes protect you from the ick that other people get. Foot-ick. And you never know if someone has peed in the shower. I think the guys have more worries than pee. So yeah, we wear shower shoes.

I could talk about what a neat group of folks I am getting, but details aren't appropriate. Been scoping out what I think we need to change in our division's daily routine, and started making small changes already. Big changes may come later. Mostly, I just want more maintenance documentation so that the bean counters will have plenty of beans to count and not cut my manning any more than they have already.

My throat hurts and I think I'm getting a cold. Ick.

*Sea and anchor detail is the term for manning the ship at all of the critical places to get safely out or into port, including mooring/unmooring.]