March 5th, 2005


It's a big-assed ship.

But what would you expect of something that carries helicopters and LCACs?

Nearly everyone I met was great. I'm going to love the people. I even saw that one of the guys who worked for me before is now coming to be one of the other chiefs in the division. He's one of my favorite stories, so I guess I have to find a new one, now.

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Monday is INSURV. That's a big material inspection, making sure that everything works like it should and is well-maintained. Busy week. Busy month. Busy next-three-years. But it's what I do, isn't it?

I can tell who has mostly been on big ships, and who has done small-ship time. The ones who have been on big ships ask if I have a communications or radar background. The ones who've been on small ships understand that when I say that I was the chief on a destroyer, it means that I had communications and radar under my charge. And interior communications, too.

Aw, crap. I realize now, that, except for a brief foray down to the Chief's mess, I ran around all day on just one level of that ship. Eeek! Huge! Monday, must find the gym. And the soda machine, although I won't be able to buy a coke onboard until I get my 'Navy Cash' card. A good time to switch to tea, maybe?