February 1st, 2005


Looong day

Kiddo has five pages of review math for the test on Thursday. It's too much. I've picked samples of what is left and she's doing those. Will definitely talk with the teacher later.

Weaseled out of the qualification board today and moved it to next week. By then, I should finally be able to remember the five laws of learning, the four learning styles, the stages of learning in the Cognitive domain, and a handful of other things. You know, the things that a good instructor ends up using and forgetting what they are called?

Got more shelf parts from Ikea, and some trim strips to nail on the wall so that the top of the bookshelf is vertically over the bottom, instead of tilted backwards because of the baseboard. I told hubby that I'd clear off that wall, which includes one full bookcase and the old computer & computer desk, but I did something else instead. Besides, we can't install the new shelving until we modify a piece. Used to, one could get a connection piece when going from deep shelves to shallower shelves, but I guess most people didn't want to do that. So I got a corner post, and we have to cut notches in it to make it work. Maybe we should go buy more power tools ... hmmm.

Instead of clearing the wall, I mounted the sword holder on the wall, and also hung four drapery hold-back thingies that now hold tonfa and kama. (Click here if you don't know what they are and want to know.) Hung vertically in pairs instead of horizontally they work beautifully, and go well with the towel bar and shelf support brackets that have been put to use for weapons storage. Now to hang the sai....

Must move the curio cabinet, though, before I drop something down the stairs and break the glass.

Okay, now I'm baffled.

What's all the fuss about hospitalized military having to pay for meals?

Ah...it's because the enlisted folks are getting paid for those meals. Any time you go anywhere on a temporary assignment, you pay for your meals and you get paid.

Officers get an allowance no matter where they are, and they always pay for their meals.

So the problem is...no one thought of it, unless they'd been hospitalized before. No one thinks about the hospital being a temporary duty assignment. But it is, and I cannot even imagine what would happen if the hospitals had to do the fiscal work to have it subtracted out of everyone's pay. They'd mess it up for sure.

Better to do it this way.