January 28th, 2005


Other sorts of progress

Got the girl filling out her valentines already. We got some spiff little foam gliders to put with the valentines. I figure we always end up filling them out at the last minute, so she's looking at her class picture and doing them from that.

She also has to write sentences every week using her spelling words. We're trying five a day through the weekend, so that Monday homework isn't so stressful. Maybe we can establish a pattern before Mama goes back to sea.

Took all morning Wednesday to take the open-book test for the Master Training Specialist qualification. Boy, did my hand hurt. Oral board on Tuesday. Damn, but I had better be ready.

Almost done with the federal tax forms this year, except that the hubby's paying interest already on his student loans, so he has to find out how much he paid last year. Used the free TurboTax link from the IRS, and I'll efile for free once I get the info. Still have to do both state forms myself, but that's okay. I'm too cheap to pay to efile those. According to TurboTax, we're paying about 5% of our income to the Feds, which isn't too bad.

'nuff for now. Going to go play with valentines.