January 5th, 2005


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Scored some neat stuff at the thrift store for under $7. Got two books on reptiles for the girl, a book for mama on managing change (leadership crap for work), a set of six Harry Potter stamps and stamp pad, and a put-it-together-yourself model of a female human body, still new. Girlchild is tickled with the model, now that we've suffered through five division problems together. She brought me a part, though, asking, "Is this hair?"

"No, baby. These are ovaries, this is the uterus, and that's the bladder."


"Why did we buy a model of a body if you're going to be icked out by the parts?"

"It's just the bladder. I knew there would be a bladder. Ick."

She's also quite pleased that the model can be put together pregnant, should she choose.

Hee! I think her papa should help her put it together.