January 1st, 2005


'Tis the new year

No resolutions. Some things will happen though.

-Less of me in the britches. For many reasons, chiefly among them the fact that I might need to stay an extra year in the Navy and I can't do that if I'm failing the standards. And for health reasons, as my knees are going to be tortured enough on the ship and they could use a bit less of me to carry around.

-Those pesky training qualifications at work. I could do without them, but, like I told one of the fellows on the last ship--"If they're giving it away, then why not make sure they give it to me, too?" And one never knows. I might need to get a job when I get out, and if it's for the military, then the quals just might be necessary. Crane, IN, is always there as an option, I suppose.

-Transfer, of course. It's already marked on the new calendar. Here's hoping it doesn't make me crazy.

-Less time mucking about on BBs and such. The closure of the KT makes that much easier, although I am damned certain that I wouldn't still be a host even if it were. "Known by the company I keep" and all that, although it was only a few bad apples that did indeed spoil the whole bushel. But the paint-job and air fresheners masked most of it for the majority of the members. Maybe more on that later, maybe not.

And on to what I'd like:

-More writing.

-Less debt.

-And a lot of things that are hard to describe, but can be summed up as "Do better."


Time for a new year.

Foul! Foul! I cry Foul!

Watched the DVD version of Return of the Jedi. Okay, I can deal with the added celebration scenes. But Anakin/Vader! When he's dead! Lucas changed him!

Pulled out the videotape for comparason...an old videotape released in 1992. And in it, Anakin is OLD! Not the young guy with flowing hair.


And yes, I'm probably years behind in noticing this, but I steadfastly refused to watch the remastered versions on tape since I already had the original version.