December 24th, 2004


More on cookies

I've no idea what possessed me to make a double batch of the sugar cookies, but I did. Now my back aches from bending over the table to roll them out, paint them, and glaze them. See, I prefer a soft sugar cookie, and a brush of confectioner's sugar/water glaze keeps them soft. But I like decorated cookies, too, and sprinkling them with the colored sugars makes them hard.

So we put drops of food coloring on a plate, add a bit of water, and literally paint the cookies. Girlchild says they look like they've been colored with crayons. After they're painted and dry, then they get glazed and we're done.

But it took a long time.

And it was so worth it. A few doors down, a young couple with two small kids moved in day before yesterday, so I made up a plate and took them some cookies, too. Seemed the thing to do, because I doubt they'd had time to make any as they were still unpacking, and one simply must have cookies to leave out for Santa.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.