December 6th, 2004


Two cents on a bad penny.

Took most of the day to figure out what I wanted to say about the young sailor who decided that he'd simply turn up on the pier in an insipid tee-shirt and toss his ID in the water instead of deploying with his shipmates. I'm cutting it for length.

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Let me sum up my feelings in one statement: The man has no honor.

Right up until the Navy needed him on a ship, he had a nice job in Japan, drawing a large chunk of extra pay through the Overseas Cost of Living Allowance, his wife had all of her medical needs met, and his principles just weren't that important. Either that, or he's an idiot who does not understand that every sailor in the Navy is working to support the combat operations, whether directly or not.

Now that he's deploying on a ship that he didn't want to go to, (to which I say, WAH!) he conveniently finds his beliefs again. An honorable person having strong feelings and principles would have done something much sooner.

Years ago, two very large Marines would probably have carried him aboard and into the brig...but times have changed.

As I said: The man has no honor. The sooner we toss his sorry ass out of my Navy, the better.

Tis the season...

Holiday music....

So of course, it's time to start decorating. Wrapped the lighted garland around the handrail for the stairs...we've got tons of the stuff.

See, when the girlchild was just starting to be mobile, and we had two active cats, and we were going home for Christmas...a tree just seemed like a horrible idea. But we wanted to hang all of our we bought cheap fake pine garland and wrapped lights into it, then hung it all around the perimeter of the living room in pretty loops. Then we hung all of our ornaments from the garland. We only did it that one year, but it sure looked pretty, especially when we turned out the lights.

Then when we moved to Maine, we wrapped that lovely tall staircase with it, and used some branches with fake berries and gold bows to accent it. Now, it's stairway decor yet again.

Hung the wreath on the door with a baby bungee cord, got out the stuffed snowman/snowbaby combo and put it on top of the tree, and hung some wooden bears from the ceiling fan in the dining area. (And this year was soooo different from the others! This year I managed to do it without getting hit in the head by the rotating fan! Go me!)

I need to make a holiday icon.