December 4th, 2004


The country perspective.

We were flipping through the channels, looking for something to watch after The Replacements finished. Hubby stopped at CMT, where Alan Jackson was singing Silent Night. Then came the commercials.

In a black and white scene, a scruffy fellow in a cowboy hat watches three horses run in a field. He hops over the fence and walks, and the camera cuts to a woman dressed in a short black dress. The man walks past the horses (thus answering the question, is it the woman or the horse he's after) and then wraps his arms around the woman. The scene cuts to the two of them, her leaning against a tree, him leaning back against her. And then we get the color picture of a bottle of Stetson cologne, and a narrator says some trite phrase about living the adventure or something like that.

Now, I ask you...what woman would buy such a product for her man? Really? We don't usually want our menfolk hanging out under trees with hussies. ;o)