November 21st, 2004


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Good news: I got a chest freezer for Christmas. (Early, so we didn't have to wallow it around the tree and so it could hold turkey leftovers.) Ought to save us quite a bit of money, since now we can do larger shopping runs at the Commissary.

Bad news: Icky cold set in yesterday afternoon, so we really couldn't go out and enjoy the kid's sleepover last night. Would have seen National Treasure and probably left the brains in the car. Couldn't sleep well last night. No writing, little time online, and only a little reading. Ugh.

Still feel like I've two open taps in my head. Ugh. If I feel like this tomorrow, I don't expect to be at work for long.

An answer to a question.

On one of the communities that I monitor, someone asked if anyone else ever thought about the downside of being military and if it was worth it. I started with a short answer that quickly grew, and I thought I'd put it here, too.

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