September 23rd, 2004



Yet more things gleaned from the 1865 government book:

Someone in default of his debts was called an embarassed debtor.

The book also says of the Second Amendment: Without this right, ambitious men might, by the aid of the regular army, overthrow the liberties of the people, and usurp the powers of government. That sure doesn't sound like "militia = national guard" to me.

Those Entertainment books

The kiddo is selling those Entertainment coupon books for her school to pay for field trips. For once, she's finally selling something we can use. We pretty much pay for the book after a couple of pizzas. I shudder to think of what else we'll be selling to bring down the cost of the two-day fourth grade trip to Sacramento.

The interesting thing is that I can also send emails to people who live out of the area and hit them up, too... if you want to be hit up, let me know and I'll shoot you one of the emails.