September 18th, 2004


A bit of explanation....

I suppose I ought to have explained where the last post came from.

Simply put, I'm tired of the political crap and the post was an effort to get it out of my system. I only get pissed off now when I read about how deluded I am, how confused, how mislead...


So I'm ditching most of the sites where I saw political crap, just like I dumped the strange 3-way blog where the woman corrected me by saying that my daughter had a learning difference. Obviously the woman has never experienced the frustration and tears of a child who simply does not understand why she can't function like her classmates. Why she can't do the things she wants to be able to do...and "not being able" = disabled in my vocabulary list.

But that's here nor there.

I wish I could time warp to December, except that my holiday shopping isn't done.