September 17th, 2004


::checks pulse::

Two nights running I've cooked dinner.

Now, if you didn't know, some evenings a peanut butter sandwich and some raw veggies were the kid's dinner, and some evenings soup and sandwiches, and some evenings whatever was left over in the fridge. Some evenings, fast food.


See, the girl and I have been making little runs to the grocery store. Yesterday, she picked chicken and turkey pesto italian sausages, dried tricolor pasta with alfredo sauce, raw carrots, blue machine juice (lots of fruit and lots of vitamins), and, for dessert, we tried a pomegranate. We cooked it together, although she spent most of her time preparing the pomegranate.

Tonight, it's pork chops, cottage cheese, corn on the cob, yellow kiwi fruit, bread & butter, and milk. (By the way...the yellow kiwi are very tasty.) Again, mosty her menu choices, and again, done together.

What's happening to me??

Thoughts political.

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That's all for now.

Obviously, there's no political party that fits; I just have to pick what's most important to me, and one candidate clearly comes out ahead. Even if I don't like the position on the rest. And I wish it were December already, so that I could get away from all of the political crap.