September 12th, 2004


The stairwell

The stairway for months has been designated as the armory (such as it is, except that the firearm stays locked up, thankyouverymuch) and karate gallery. I'd found that three ornate shelf brackets made a nice holder for the staves, and I see now that adding a fourth small bracket lower down will hold the escrima nicely. Mark that extra bracket on the list of things to do.

This weekend, Target had some shelves on clearance--why, I cannot imagine since they were identical to some others in a slightly different-colored box that weren't--so I picked up two: one natural, and one white. The natural one ended up above the kid's desk in our ever-failing quest for enough storage for all of her stuff. The white one holds five of the karate trophies. I need one more to hold the remaining six.

A twisted metal towel bar makes a nice rack to hold the selection of nunchucks, and as a bonus, it curls up on the ends so that the girl's kama hang nicely. I still must figure out what to do about the tonfa pairs and the hubby's kama.

That leaves the scarimasax, for which I shall find a blade holder. No scrounging hardware stores there, I am afraid. And the sai, for which I think some robe hooks will work.

The belt racks need redone, but that's hubby's task. I still need to order one more for the girl's, since we've got her series of TnT belts as well.

And, of course, several years of karate pictures need frames.

But I look up the stairs now, and just feel happy that two less things remain on the list of "to do" items.

Sunday quote

People say things like "listen to your heart," but witches learn to listen to other things, too. It's amazing what your kidneys can tell you."--Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men