August 29th, 2004


Lots of driving

Even though zipping down I10 over to I15 added a half hour to my return trip from LA today, I think I came out the better for it. I was moving, and kept moving, as opposed to the drive up when the lane I was driving in went from 80 mph down to 20 or less. Several times.


And I think we ought to be able to tag idiots somehow for pickup later. Like the ones who drive on, oblivious to the people passing them on both sides. Or the fellow in the red pickup truck with the ladders in the back who tailgated whoever was in front of him from Corona south to Mira Mesa...and maybe further. At 80 mph. Then there was the white van with the ladders on top, who may have been driving with idiot-red-truck-driver, who couldn't figure out that giving the red pickup a bit more of a lead would mean that he didn't need to use the brakes so often.


I also discovered that anything above 75 mph feels about the same in my Escape, unlike my truck which definitely lets you know when you exceed 85. Not the Escape, though. It feels the same at 75 as it does at 100.