August 26th, 2004


No words

No words last night. Tried to download SP2 for the laptop...I swear I turned on the connection keep-alive, but it cut out at 90 Megs. Argh! By then I was half-way through Interesting Times and it was 10 pm.

But...did some thinking on it today while I was in the dental hygenist's chair. (Yeah...I went voluntarily...mostly. Sea duty screening had to be done, and when I tried to make the appointment the hygenist said "How about now?" Since it's hard for me to walk into the building...I stayed.) Sorted out a critical WHY for the Serai project. Then on the way home, I figured out what comes next. I think I shall continue pecking it out on the laptop, away from the insidious internet.

Insidious...strong in the Dark Side the internet is.


In other news, I did manage to dress myself this morning, as opposed to yesterday when I forgot my collar insignia. d'Oh!

September travel

Got the itenerary for September's trip up to Everett. Leaving here on Sunday morning, leaving Seattle Friday afternoon. Budget constraints suck, though. We get one car for six people. Ugh.

Much ado about nothing.

Boing-Boing has some comments up about a plan to let military members email their ballots back to Missouri.

Personally, I think he's flat wrong on this one.

For one thing, I expect that Private Joe isn't going to be sitting down at any old computer and emailing his scanned ballot back to his County Clerk. It's going to a specific office, which no doubt will be the same office we've been able to fax our ballots to for years. They'll fax it from there. The accountability he is so concerned with will likely be dealt with the same way as the faxes...the paper ballot is then mailed back to the state. The electronic transmission simply ensures that it arrives on time, which appears to be a big concern with Missouri's predicted delayed start on printing up the absentee ballots.

The end rant about vendors is confusing. There ain't no vendor. It's just secure email. We send lots of freaking things via email every day, over channels that we already have. Heck, the reference to "secure" may very well mean the secret net. If that system has problems with forged emails, then I don't give a damn about a squirrly election because we're fucked already from the security breaches.

And by the way...I quite agree about SERVE. It looked scary. But this doesn't.

Edit: Had more to say later, after the hubby and I had a chat and I remembered the other things I'd intended to include.

I knew there was more I wanted to include in the last post

Security concerns. Most of us have digital signatures now, and besides...if the absentee ballot came in for someone who wasn't registered or who hadn't been sent a ballot, the county clerk would reject it. If two showed up, then there would be a look-see.

Point is, the actual pool of voters concerned really won't be large enough to get away with spoofing emails--the scammers would have to possess a list of Missouri military members, and would have to ensure that those names had requested an absentee ballot. For that much effort, they could simply register for the person, request the ballot, and send one in with a forged postmark.

Or better yet...steal a whole box of absentee ballots from the post office and do the same thing.