August 18th, 2004


Banned Books Week

The ALA's Banned Books Week is coming up 24 Sep to 01 Oct this year.

For 2003, the most challenged books were:

1. Alice series, for sexual content, using offensive language, and being unsuited to age group.

2. Harry Potter series, for its focus on wizardry and magic.

3. "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck, for using offensive language.

4. "Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture" by Michael A. Bellesiles, for inaccuracy.

5. "Fallen Angels" by Walter Dean Myers, for racism, sexual content, offensive language, drugs and violence.

6. "Go Ask Alice" by Anonymous, for drugs.

7. "It's Perfectly Normal" by Robie Harris, for homosexuality, nudity, sexual content and sex education.

8. "We All Fall Down" by Robert Cormier, for offensive language and sexual content.

9. "King and King" by Linda de Haan, for homosexuality.

10. "Bridge to Terabithia" by Katherine Paterson, for offensive language and occult/satanism.

The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books for 1990-2000 list is also on the ALA site.

I think what irks me the most is that most of these books were challenged in schools and school libraries. If someone doesn't want their kid reading a particular book, fine by me. I highly resent them deciding that my kid can't read it, though. That offends me more than the content of any book possibly could.


That's my little girl. I had to explain today that the last toy she "lost" outside was really stolen by one of the little brats running around here. Thus Mama told her not to take any toy outside that she really cares about.

In other news, when we finally did make it to the Parent Orientation last night, we met the young woman who had done student teaching in the kid's class last year. She's teaching sixth this year, and told my girl that she'd see her in the mornings sometimes...and that she just might ask for help when she was trying to think of the vocabulary word of the day for her class. Kid, of course, was tickled.

Not a student for a while.

(Went back and tucked the acronym explanations into the text. D'oh!)

Well, with the Bio class finished and the enrollment not processed for the internship, I'm done for a bit with college. The tuition assistance doesn't renew until October, anyway, since I maxed it out in January. With the hubby's tuition, I just can't afford to pay out of pocket.

That doesn't mean that I won't study up on Environmental Science for one of the DANTES tests (Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education -- tests let me 'test out' of a course and receive credit)--provided I can make it through the text without either tossing it across the room in disgust or falling asleep.

Right now, I'd rather concentrate on wrapping up some of the things I need to do at ATG (Afloat Training Group, aka "Cubicleville") before I leave, like MTS and ATS (Afloat Training Specialist and Master Training Specialist - basically, nifty quals that I've known all of the required stuff for years but have been too lazy to finish. Was too fat to get MTS back in 1995 when I first learned it all.) and Team Lead qual (License to be a talking sock puppet for the captain in charge of ATG's combat systems department.)...I hope I have orders soon. The USS Boxer (big amphibious ship that hauls Marines and their surface and aircraft) was on this listing, and I hope I get it. I'd rather have another DDG (Guided missile destroyer, like Decatur-my-former-mistress), of course, but that doesn't appear to be in my future.