August 16th, 2004


Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck?


See, on this site I visit sometimes, there's this mouthy college kid who is so deeply into his Bush-hating that he can't even accept that some of his points may be incorrect...or at least not as clear-cut as he's presenting them.

He regularly ridicules anyone who disagrees with him, is generally unpleasant and vaguely harassing, and long ago I'd given up on having any sort of reasonable discussion with him. In short, he's the rabid ultra-winger that makes his chosen political side look bad through his behavior.

Well, today I decided to point out a few things that I figured he wouldn't accept. Yeah, with a touch of sarcasm when I said that I was probably wasting my time, but hey...why not? I pointed out that I was mostly replying to show that not everyone in the US was like him.

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Now, the part that makes me wonder just how stupid he thinks I am is when he asked me to elaborate: Like "me"? Well, please, tell me how I am like.

As if I'm going to tell him that he's a closed-minded, sarcastic little troll. I mean, really. That would get me reprimanded on the site, for one thing. Dumbass.

I simply replied, "Sorry, dear, but what you've shown us so far will have to speak for itself."

Which of course it does. Very clearly.
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Michael and Bill

Moore being interviewed by O'Reilly.

I'm certain that there wasn't a reasonable, fully truthful thing said the whole time.

Cynical, yes.

Did I mention that I detest extremism, no matter which side of the political spectrum it falls on?