August 13th, 2004



So Hellboy didn't go back in time for Fast and Furious to get here for this weekend. We've got Meet Joe Black, but I was in the mood for explosions and firearms. And not depressing. That's when we discovered that most of our action/adventure collection is mostly stuff like Blackhawk Down, Gladiator, and Windtalkers.

I looked at the hubby and said, "I want something like XXX. We need more Vin Diesel." (We watched XXX night before last.)

"With or without his shirt?" he asked. (See why I love this fellow? He bought me Reign of Fire just because my jaw scraped the theater floor when Matthew McConaughey popped his buff self up out of that tank. Crappy movie otherwise.)

In the end, we watched Air Force One. I hadn't seen it in a while, so it was pretty good. Until that bullshit with the tanker exploding. If we Navy folks can learn to kill the pumps first on an emergency breakaway, I'm sure that the Air Force managed that. Suspension of disbelief was temporarily halted. Then it got interesting again, and I think the biggest hero in the movie was the Air Force officer who thought of the parachutes and then helped fly the plane.

When I was rewinding it, though, reality surfaced again, and I thought of the two fellows on the White House Comms staff that I know from my last ship. Glad this was just another Hollywood movie and not reality.

But I want more Vin Diesel. Maybe we'll buy Pitch Black this weekend.