August 6th, 2004


Forum rules

Sigh. Visited Navy Knowledge Online today, and found rules on the message boards for Surface Combat Systems.

To me, there's always been one unwritten rule: Thou shalt be professional at all times.

So I read them, being the good (ha!) little (haha!) sailor that I am, and had to ask for clarification on one of them. Hope it isn't what it appears to be, or I shall not be visiting any longer. They surely don't mean that I can't tell someone that their posting is violating regulations or instructions, or that they're behaving in an unprofessional manner. Be damned inconvenient to have to not be a chief when I visit, since I usually use the site at work and my coworkers really need to be spared the sight of me peeling out of uniform. Besides, the chief is always the chief, even when she's starkers.