July 23rd, 2004


USS Ronald Reagan

Homeported in San Diego today. Much news, much fuss, many many politicians speaking.

And all I can think about is the folks onboard, who sailed out of Norfolk and are anxious to see their families, and are stuck for the "official welcome." While it's all kewlness to have such a welcome, I remember how desperately I wanted to get away with my family upon arrival in San Diego when Decatur homeported.


Went to a friend's house to help him celebrate his transition to post-navy life. The Navy's loss, although he's got a contractor job lined up now.

To get there, we drove through Wildcat Canyon, an area where the fires burned last October. The hillsides really looked normal, but eventually we started noticing the signs of the fires. Here and there, we could see where a house used to be, where houses had been rebuilt, and where firefighters' efforts or chance had spared other homes.

When buying a house was still within our capability, I'd firmly told the hubby that there was no way in heck I was living out in the brush...that I couldn't handle the fire danger. Driving through there, seeing the bare and blackened trees still standing, I am even more certain. I imagine they think the same of people who live in tornado alley, though.

Two signs pointed on either side of the road, designating a protected open area--meaning, no brush clearing or building or anything else. They were, of course, very flammable and are now much more open.

The twists and turns through the canyon were pretty neat, though, and I can imagine how great they are on a motorcycle.